FarmVille Earth Day: Forbidden Rice crop appears in market for limited time


In celebration of Earth Day, which is on May 22, FarmVille has rolled out a whole host of appropriately themed items, including a new crop -- Forbidden rice.

Fun fact about Forbidden rice (which BTW is an actual crop). It's a strain of Chinese black rice that's rich in vitamins and antioxidants, and -- back in the day -- was only eaten by royalty, which made it "forbidden" to the average Joe.

Anyhoo, the Forbidden rice in FarmVille will only be around for a limited time (11 days as of this posting), costs 300 coins to plant, and after 8 hours will be ready to sell for 400 coins. Unfortunately, there is no crop mastery for the Forbidden Rice, so you'll just have to take advantage of these crops to earn as many coins as possible before it disappears forever.

farmville forbidden rice
farmville forbidden rice

Forbidden rice: Will you grow this new crop despite the fact that is has no mastery?