Family Feud nears 2.5 million Facebook players


Just yesterday, we were noticing how Playfish COO Sebastien de Halleux thought established brands would come to dominate social gaming in the next 24 months. Then, just today, we were noticing one particular data point seems to support his thesis -- namely the continuing explosive growth of iWin's Family Feud Facebook App, which is already nearing 2.5 million monthly players just over a month after its launch.

Sure, 2.5 million players isn't going to give Farmville a run for its money just yet. But considering that the number was 1.2 million just a week ago, and just 775,000 a week before that, and zero just three weeks before that, well, lets just say that the trend is definitely a healthy one.

Besides the well known name, a lot of Family Feud's success probably has to do with the organic way it urges players to invite their friends to the game. After playing the first half of the game's final "Fast Money" round, the player has to put up a wall request inviting friends to play the second half for a chance at an in-game point bonus. Once the friend has helped with the 50-second bonus round, the familiar game show format is likely to get them to keep playing.

While there's no guarantee that Family Feud's growth will continue on the same trajectory in the future, its initial success on Facebook definitely makes it a case study to watch out for. Current monthly and daily user averages, courtesy of AppData, after the break.

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