Celebrity lookalikes can turn their gift into fame and fortune

There's work for lookalikes; good look
There's work for lookalikes; good look

Do people tell you you look like a celebrity? Well, if you have the looks of a celebrity and the spirit of an entertainer, you might be able parlay that resemblance into a very well-paying job. I had the opportunity to discuss the look-alike industry with one of its foremost agents, Dot Findlater of Mirror Images Co. in Los Angeles.

Her agency supplies talent for television, films, trade shows and corporate conventions. She represents lookalikes in a wide range of the public arena, from movie and television stars to sports, historical and political figures.

Of course, as your WalletPop correspondent, my first question was how much could a good lookalike earn? Findlater said that for cinema and TV work, her people earn union scale, which is pretty sweet. The Screen Actors Guild minimum for a day performer is $782, and $2,713 for weekly performers.

For other gigs such as trade shows, however, they could earn as much as $600 for an hour's appearance, or up to $10,000 for a performance.