Cafe World explores the sea with new underwater theme!


Cafe World has released a major update with a ton of new underwater items. It might seem a bit odd to decorate your Cafe with underwater items, but we're certain that all of you creative decorators will come up with some really neat uses for the deep sea items. These items are available for a limited time like most themes, and some can be purchased for Cafe Cash and some for coins. Check out the list of brand new exclusive underwater items!

Jellyfish Table - 2 Cafe Cash
Coral Chair - 1 Cafe Cash
Brass Fish Chair - 2 Cafe Cash
Treasure Chest Bench - 4 Cafe Cash
Jellyfish Chair - 15,000 coins
Wide Whale Door - 3 Cafe Cash
Giant Aquarium - 18 Cafe Cash
Hard Coral - 7,000 coins
Seaweed - 10,000 coins
Orange Jelly Lamp - 17,500 coins
Blue Jelly Lamp - 17,500 coins
Rocky Seafloor - 1 Cafe Cash
Path of Atlantis - 900 coins
Watery Kingdom Walls - 2 Cafe Cash
Spiral Shell Wall - 8,000 coins
Coral Sea Wall - 12,000 coins
Comfortable Clam - 2 Cafe Cash
Seahorse - 3 Cafe Cash
Jellyfish Bounce - 12 Cafe Cash
Happy Horsey - 13 Cafe Cash
Sea Harp - 13 Cafe Cash
Underwater Waiter - 15 Cafe Cash
Hermit Clock - 16 Cafe Cash
Catfish Chase - 16 Cafe Cash
Kelp Divider - 12,000 coins
Jellyfish - 19,000 coins
Coral Clump - 25,000 coins
Seafloor Decor - 25,000 coins
Obsessive Octopus - 100,000 coins

As I'm sure you've noticed, most of the best stuff is available for Cafe Cash, which can be upsetting to the players. Underwater is a unique theme for a cooking game though, so we suspect it will be a hit! I don't know about you, but I'm thinking that a seahorse would fit right in!

What do you think of the new underwater themed items? Have you gone shopping yet?