Ranch Town launches on Facebook - Breaking News!

ranch town on Facebook
ranch town on Facebook

Meteor Games, the makers of Island Paradise, is bringing the Wild West to Facebook with a name game called Ranch Town.

From the presser:

"Ranch Town gives Facebook desperados a chance to live - and play - in the iconic Gold Rush era of American history. Starting with their very own plot of land, a lonely cow and a handful of mining nodes, players can stake claim to, cultivate and mine for more gold than those 49ers of years ago ever dreamed of. When supplies are low, players can head to the general store for a variety of provisions to get back into the saddle. As they progress in the game, the pan handlers will unlock new machinery, build up their resources and strike it rich - becoming the envy of every dude and gal in Ranch Town

Looks like this whole Wild West/ Gold rush theme might be the next big thing with Facebook games if reports that Zynga is launching a similarly themed game -- FrontierVille -- in the not-too-distant future.

We're going to saddle up and give this new game a test drive. In the meantime, give Ranch Town a try and let us know what you think.

Play Ranch Town on Facebook >

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