Three Ways to Emotionally Recover After Being Fired

Being fired from your job can be a very traumatic experience. A roller coaster of emotions will hit you at once as you process the idea of not having a job and how you'll manage without a steady income.

There are many things you can do after losing your job, such as networking and visiting a career center. But the first few moments, or even days, you should focus on your own emotional well-being. If you do not recover emotionally from being fired, than you won't be in the right frame of mind to start a new job search.

When faced with the traumatic experience of being fired from your job, here are three ways in which you can recover emotionally:

1. Channel Your Emotions

When you're fired you will feel a lot of emotions from anger and resentment to depression. It is never good to hide your emotions, and the key is to channel your feelings in the right way. Writing, painting, listening to music, dancing or even cooking are all great ways to channel your emotions and to lower your stress level.

2. Stay Active

Maintain your normal schedule so that you stay active. Instead of hiding away as soon as you lose your job, continue to go out with friends and colleagues . By staying active with your daily schedule, time will pass quickly and your mind can recover from what has happened. In addition, this gives you a chance to start networking and letting others know what kind of position you would be looking for.

Hitting the gym or taking walks is also a great way to stay active both physically and emotionally. Working out triggers endorphins and is a great way to have time to yourself to clear your head.

3. Talk To Someone

Reaching out to someone, whether it be a counselor or a close friend, is a great way to talk through your emotions. Even though the economy has left thousands without jobs, that doesn't mean it will feel any less traumatic. Talking with someone helps you sort through your emotions and start to prepare yourself for the next step. Free counseling is available through community centers and local churches.

To help recover emotionally from being fired, don't hesitate to ask for help. Friends, family and even your past employer can guide you to the right resources you need to get your life back on track.

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