Become a golf pro in Little Rock Pool

Little Rock Pool has just released a set of golfing items for your underwater leisure! Haven't you always wanted to have golfing supplies deep within your lagoon? Now you'll have the chance! These golf items will only be available for the next 7 days. Here is the full list of available golfing items in Little Rock Pool:

Golf Bag - 250 Meteor Credits
Golf Ball - 2000 Coins
Putter - 2500 Coins
Driver - 3500 Coins
Iron - 4000 Coins
Golf Hole - 5000 Coins

This is a rather small set, and we're not sure if it really makes sense to have some of these golf items underwater. It makes sense that a golf ball would have landed in the water, or even a club, but an entire golf hole? Who are we kidding, anything is possible in a game!

Play Little Rock Pool today to check out this limited time set of golf decorations!

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