Upcycled Vinyl: Vintage Records Get Home-Decor Spin

upcycle vinyl
upcycle vinyl

Vinyl purists, look away. You may not want to see the artistic liberties young crafters are taking with your coveted records. But then again, you may want to decorate your home with these repurposed LPs.

In it's third year, Record Store Day (April 17th) was a worldwide success. Record stores and the people that love them celebrated for hours. Long lines of vinyl lovers waited their turns to flip through dusty boxes of platters to discover rare finds. And even though vinyl is getting newfound time in the spotlight (more artists are releasing their newest track or albums on vinyl and as of November 2009, sales of vinyl records had risen 35 percent in just a year), we have to face the fact that there are a whole lot of unloved or unusable albums out there. These vintage items can be found at garage sales, Goodwill stores and trash bins.

And while it may or may not make the music and vinyl fanatics happy, these groovy discs are finding new life as home decor.

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