Treasure Madness celebrates Earth Day with new maps

Treasure Madness is better known as the game that Zynga modeled their latest smash hit Treasure Isle after. It has been released for quite some time, and combines treasure hunting with fun simple minigames. Unlike Treasure Isle which unlocks new maps for free as you level up, Treasure Madness requires that you purchase many of the maps.

For Earth Day, Treasure Madness has released four new limited time maps. These maps are the following:

Sun Island - Free, low treasure density, high gold density
Tree Island - 1300 GP, low treasure density, average gold density
Trashcan Island - 10 Mu$, very low treasure density, average gold density
Panda Island - 2200 GP, average treasure density, average gold density

There is also a new Earth Day collection available. All of these items are only available for the next 6 days, so you had better act soon if you would like to complete these maps while they're still around!

Have you completed your Treasure Madness Earth Day collection yet?