Treasure Isle Cheats & Tips: Gem gifting guide + quick links

Treasure Isle Cheats & Tips: Gem gifting guide + quick links

If you've been busy digging in the dirt for rare items in Treasure Isle on Facebook, you've undoubtedly run across those annoying statues that need to be unlocked with colored gems (there are five colored gems in all: red, green, blue, orange and purple).

Now, if you play by the rules, the only way you can get gems if by visiting friends islands or by receiving them as gifts. But, if you have a friend in need of a certain color gem, that's where things get a little more difficult, because you only have the option to gift two gems at a time.

And that, treasure hunters, is where this thing you're reading comes in handy. Below are links to all of the colored gems available in the game. All you have to do to send any of these gems is click on its image below and then start gifting like you're some kind of social gaming Santa Claus.

If the links don't work or you receive an error message, try refreshing the page.

treasure isle red gems links
treasure isle green gems
treasure isle purple gems

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