The Ace of Space: Living Large in a Small Place

living in small space ace of spaceLiving in a small space doesn't mean your home has to be austere. Everyone wants a safe, beautiful and welcoming environment to call home. A small apartment or home can be all of those things and more. Whether you live in 80 square feet or 1,000, the following tips will help you arrange your living space to perfection.

The key is to think big while living small.

1. Let your style shine.

You don't have to sacrifice style in a small place. Jessica from Apartment Therapy has a 200-square-foot apartment in San Francisco that is functional and designed beautifully. She has a "penchant for vintage" and "tried to blend antique collections with a modern aesthetic –- all in a home the size of most people's guest bedroom!"

Designing a beautiful home doesn't mean you have to spend thousands. You can have a chic-looking little apartment for under $500. By looking into items for sale on Craigslist or freecycle, you'll save a lot of cash and still have a stylish home.

2. Less is more.

If you live in a small place you don't need to stuff it to the max. Limiting the furnishings can make tight spaces seem larger and less cluttered.

Get the bulky furniture out and consider pieces that are easy to move around. Use big pillows as chairs or invest in a few Ikea POÄNG's.

3. Do it with mirrors.

Small spaces don't require big accessories. To make your home seem bigger, consider the magic of large mirrors. They pick up extra light and make your home appear roomy and airy.

4. Display beautiful art and pictures.

Instead of decorations cluttering the counters, hang art and photos of family and friends on the walls. Pictures give a small living space character and hanging art and photos is minimal and attractive. Plus, photos are a portal to past memories and will remind you of what's important in life. Not stuff, but people.

5. Bring on the plants.

Plants enliven any small space. Consider using vertical space by starting a garden on your balcony (or even on your windows). Creating a small outdoor project is not only fun but a great hobby. Plants are inexpensive and beautiful additions to any home.

6. A clean home makes for happy people.

There's nothing worse that walking into a grimy place. Keep your small home clean and clutter-free to make life a lot easier. If you live with someone else, split the chores. All of us lead busy lives and it's important to help each other out.

The Ace of Space is a bi-weekly column that will provide you with the tips and tools to live lightly and creatively in a small space.

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