How Quick is Your Draw, Partner?

Do you have one of those friends who always responds REALLY quickly to your e-mails? Like if he or she lived in the Wild Wild West they would have the quickest draw and win the shootout every time? Well, luckily most of us don't have to worry about how fast we can pull a gun out of a holster, but how efficiently you can respond to an e-mail will do you wonders!

Whether you're on the job hunt or you're a recent graduate who currently holds a position, responding to a "Can you come in right now?" e-mail in a few minutes as opposed to a few hours gives you a definite edge.

One can argue that having a Smartphone with Internet access is not an absolute necessity in today's work force, but it certainly gives you a key advantage. Think of purchasing a Smartphone as an investment into your future.

-- See average salaries for jobs at Verizon, T-Mobile, Inc. and AT&T, Inc.

Here's a personal example. As someone who is in the world of communications and public relations, I am frequently out of the office. However, merely because I am out of the office performing one part of my job, doesn't mean I can afford to let the other duties of my job fall to the wayside.

Therefore, when I am traveling into the city on the railroad for a conference or checking out a possible venue to host an event, I am still able to respond to breaking news, which more often than not, demands an IMMEDIATE comment. What good would I be as a communications director if my boss e-mailed me an article and said "we need to respond to this NOW"... and "now" for me turned into two hours later because I was out of the office without Internet access?

Millennials, if we are going to pride ourselves on our Internet proficiency and simultaneously walk around with our cell phones glued to our hips, we better be e-mail ready at ALL TIMES. Most employers won't view being e-mail ready as an "added bonus" for members of our generation, they will merely expect it.

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