What Jobs in Security Pay

To say modern culture is obsessed with security is an understatement. No politician runs for office without assuring voters that security is a top priority. Financial institutions and the government spent the past two years vowing that your money is safe and secure. Local news commercials constantly ask if your children are safe. ("How secure is your child's school? Find out at 11.") Walk through an airport and you'll hear an announcement about security concerns every 10 minutes.

Yes, we're surrounded by talk of security everywhere we go, but do you ever think about the people who have these jobs that are providing us security in some form or another? With the word "security" floating around all the time, you can become numb to the whole topic. Yet, you probably are secure as you go about your day, which means the people in charge of your safety are doing a good job.

To give workers in the security field their fair due, here are 10 jobs in various industries that help keep us safe:

1. Air Force pilots

What they do: As part of the armed forces, Air Force pilots have several responsibilities, which range from combat missions to providing support to those in combat to conducting training.

What they earn: $122,388*

2. Airport security screeners

What they do: Before airline passengers can get to their gates, they and their belongings have to pass through security. Using metal detectors, scanners and other tools, screeners attempt to ensure that no dangerous items make it into the airport or onto a plane.

What they earn: $54,938

3. Armored car guards

What they do: Armored car guards either transport valuable goods, such as currency, or drive people who are transporting valuable goods from one location to another. They keep the passengers and items safe while in transit, preventing any attacks or robberies that could occur.

What they earn: $32,955

4. Bouncers

What they do: Clubs, bars and concert venues rely on bouncers to check IDs of patrons entering the establishments. They also monitor the crowd throughout the night in order to remove any person who is rowdy or disturbing other patrons.

What they earn: $32,532

5. Computer security specialists

What they do: Working for an organization, computer security specialists are responsible for identifying and addressing potential security threats. One of their primary responsibilities -- and greatest tools against threats -- is educating users about dangers and security hazards.

What they earn: $46,370

6. Gaming surveillance officers

What they do: Working in casinos, gaming surveillance officers monitor customers and employees to ensure that neither are stealing or cheating.

What they earn: $31,550

7. Police officers

What they do: Police officers keep cities, its neighborhoods and citizens safe. One of their many responsibilities is to respond to emergency calls, ranging from home intrusion to violent crimes.

What they earn: $52,810

8. Secret Service special agents

What they do: Under the Department of Homeland Security, Secret Service agents protect the president, vice president, their families and other politicians. They also investigate certain fraudulent financial transactions.

What they earn: $50,787**

9. Security and fire alarm systems installers

What they do: They install equipment for security systems and fire alarms for organizations and private residences. They also perform maintenance and attend to any wiring needs specifically related to these systems.

What they earn: $38,630

10. Security guards

What they do: Security guard duties vary depending on place of employment, which includes stores, businesses, office buildings and more. For example, in retail stores, they monitor customers to prevent shoplifting, while at banks they deter robberies.

What they earn: $25,840

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*Salary information based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and CBSalary.com.

**Secret Service special agents salary based on starting salary, according to the United States Secret Service Web site.


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