Quote of the Moment: Mid-Farm Crisis


"I named my online puppy "Giant" and am almost a second star level master at growing pattypan squash. I have a super-coop for my 60 chickens and 34 are golden. Slowly trading out the others for gold ones as friends find golden eggs (major daily coinage). Oh, and did you see my duck flying the kite? So cute!

Shooooot! ... there I go again.

See, this is why you are the bane of my existence. 42-year-old men ... should not be playing Farmville!!

Sure it is consequence free escapism. No tornadoes or pestilence. No house fires or frat parties next door that involve some sort of rearranging lawn furniture at 4 am. The fish don't die in the Koi Pond and my favorite duck will always have a steady wind and never get his kite stuck in the gorgeous banyon or acai trees. I am not genetically predisposed to farming or decorating and yet Farmville allows me to think I am doing both. It is very relaxing for 30 minutes to an hour a day bringing form and function to your silly little online world.

But 42-year-old men should be buying Harley's and stocks and stuff. Not excited that their online puppy named Giant will be fully grown in 7 more days. Seriously, am I really 'cool'er in life because I figured out how to create the optical illusion of elevated land and hay bale piles?"

-Blogger Randy Thomas wishes his mid-life crisis was a little more steroetypical.

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