Playfish COO de Halleux talks 'billions' and 'brands' at Inside Social Apps


"Billions" being how much money, in dollars, a wildly successful social game could make in just a year. All it would take, according to Playfish COO Sebastien de Halleux, is a game that attracts 100 million monthly users generating an average of 80 cents a month in the game world. For context, the most popular game currently on Facebook, Farmville, has about 81.4 million monthly users earning, on average, an estimated 19 cents a month for Zynga.

"Brands" being the things that are likely to be more and more important in driving growth of social and mobile games. While de Halleux notes that early mobile game successes like Koi Pond managed to attract an audience without an established brand name, in early 2010 seven of the top 10 iPhone games were based on pre-existing brands like The Sims. De Halleux predicts that social gaming will follow this trend, and that almost all Facebook games will be recognizable brands within the next 24 months.

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