PetVille introduces shopping on the fly


Have you ever been visiting your pet's neighbor and simply adored something they have? Maybe you were envious of an elaborate painting, or a fine piece of elegant furniture and you couldn't find it in any of the shops? Now, you don't have to go searching -- PetVille have just released the fantastic ability to purchase any item directly from your neighbor's home.

When you are in a friend's home, click on an item that you'd like to have. On the bottom of your screen, a small bubbly popup will appear that tells you the name and price of the item and allows you to click "Buy Now" to obtain the item automatically. Unfortunately, if items were previously sold out or limited time, you will not be able to get them. However, most items that you click on will be purchasable.

Now, you can get ideas and inspiration from your friends and replicate their interior design skills

What do you think of this new awesome PetVille feature?

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