Orlando 'dream job' winners turn a stunt into a salary by landing jobs


Remember Kyle Post and Stacey Doornbos, those childhood friends who won the search to get paid $25,000 to see and ride everything there is to do in Orlando over 67 days? That gig was pretty sweet, and WalletPop followed them around for a day when they punched the clock at SeaWorld, getting paid to ride roller coasters and eat ice cream.

Their duties ended last fall, and they went back home to New York City to resume their lives, tanned but jobless once again. But the reception for their blog and home-made Orlando videos was such a success for the promotion of the city's ailing tourist industry that the Orlando/Orange Country Convention and Visitors' Bureau decided they needed their services again.

This week, Post and Doornbos go back to work for Orlando, but this time they're not contest winners. They're salaried employees, with benefits, and they're being paid to travel around the world.