Is Chad Rogers Leaving "Million Dollar Listing"?

Is Chad Rogers vacating Bravo's realty reality show, "Million Dollar Listing"? That's the $64,000 (or is it $64 million?) question. The show has a cultlike following who track the weekly adventures of three high-end Los Angeles real estate agents. The three say their participation on the television series has led to international name-recognition and attracted more clients.

Rogers, an agent with the boutique Beverly Hills real estate agency Hilton & Hyland, is mum on the question of whether he is abandoning the series, but here's what we know: The other two stars -- Madison Hildebrand and Josh Flagg -- already have begun filming their segments and Rogers has not. And by filming, we mean to the point where it may take serious scrambling to have Rogers' story lines intersect smoothly with the others.

So what's really going on?In the past, the three characters pursued individual story lines in concert with the show's producers, but the three have frequent contact with each other -- whether at open houses, charity home-building events, or in competing for the same listing. It's a cat fight, which is a great part of the show's appeal -- that and the beautiful homes that viewers get a peek at.

It may be a contract snag or it may be the real reality-show McCoy: Chad is getting voted off the Bravo island.

Chad fans see him as the star. But his last-season exploits -- like demanding that his girlfriend sign a custody agreement over their long-haired Chihuahua, Starla -- had Chad detractors groaning at their TVs. A self-proclaimed "clean freak" who is obsessed with his hair, Chad had on-air fights with both his co-stars. At one point, Flagg suggested drowning Starla, and Madison and Chad had words when they bumped into one another at a Malibu listing.

Bravo did not respond to our calls, and Rogers would only direct questions about his inactivity in filming season four to Bravo.

Rogers would only say, "I'm all about being an authoritative voice in real estate and an expert in my profession." To that end, he will be speaking at the Learning Annex in New York on May 20 and has recently signed a book deal.

It's also known that he was busy showing Paris Hilton houses last week. The two lunched together and he describes Paris as "Starla's new best friend."

My take? He'll be back on the show. After all, fans need to have someone to hate. Besides, Starla is awfully cute.
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