Heyzap connects social games with embeddable "bar"

That little linkbar atop Zynga's Facebook games -- the one that contains links to all of Zynga's other Facebook games -- is one of the keys to the company's viral cross-marketing success. For other companies, social gaming network Heyzap is now offering its own embeddable Social Bar that can mimic some of Zynga's cross-marketing potential.

The bar, which can be added easily by a game's developer, sits on the bottom of the browser window as the player navigates a social gaming site, pointing those players to any of 30,000 games on the Heyzap network. Publishers can use the bar to link players to their own games, or to games by competing publishers. Why would you want to link to competing publishers? Well, because the linker earns a portion of any virtual goods sales made by the person following the link. Cha-ching!