FishVille: New limited time mystery fish!

FishVille have released something that we haven't seen yet in the game - a mystery fish box. This box is available in the Store for 15 Sand Dollars, and contains 3 fish eggs of the same fish. There are five total exclusive fish that are available from this mystery box, however each box always includes three of the same kind of fish. This means that players will have to spend a minimum of 75 Sand Dollars to get all five unique fish, and could end up spending more due to the random nature of mystery boxes.

The picture to the left shows what these five fish look like, and here are their names:

Yellowbar Angel
Sleeper Goby
Orange Lined Trigger
Spanish Hog

Players are currently very upset about this new Mystery Box for a few reasons. The first is that you are obligated to spend 15 Sand Dollars and get three fish, and these fish can not be obtained individually. They are only purchasable in 3-packs, which is expensive. Others are upset that you will have to spend AT LEAST 75 Sand Dollars to get these fish, and you will have extras that you may not want. In addition, FishVille's wall post promoting this new mystery box was quite misleading:

"For a limited time only, this delicate blue box contains the eggs of an exclusive fish! There are 5 possibilities; can you collect them all?"

Many players misunderstood the wall post, believing that each 3-pack could contain any of the available 5 fish possibilities. Either way, the new fish are good looking, and are exclusive. The new mystery fish box is only available for less than 4 days - so buy it soon if you want these new fishies!

Are you upset about the Mystery Fish Box, or will you be spending Sand Dollars in FishVille to get these new beauties?

[via FishVille Official Forums]
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