FarmVille: Receive email alerts when crops are harvestable


FarmVille have released what could be one of its highest impact features yet -- emails when your crops are ready to be harvested! This new feature will enable anyone on the go to know when their crops are ready. Maybe you spend a lot of time online but often forget to check your crops? Maybe you're playing so many Facebook games that you find FarmVille getting lost in the midst of everything else you're playing? This is the feature for you!

To receive emails when your crops are ready for harvest, click the "Email Preferences" link below Farmville. This will take you to this page, where you can sign up for various email notifications. You can be alerted when your puppy needs food, or when your friends leave you comments on your farm. At any time, you can always go back to that settings page and turn the email notifications off. It could end up being quite spammy if you plant a lot of short term crops.

Will you be signing up for these new FarmVille email notifications?

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