FarmVille Fan Cow makes it to the Market!

FarmVille Fan Cow
The new Fan Cow costs 12FV$ and also allows you to give one away to a neighbor!
FarmVille Fan CowSeveral weeks ago a Secret Cow and Secret Sheep arrived in the FarmVille Market, users were asked to 'vote' for whichever animal they would like to see in the FarmVille Market. After many of us joined the fan pages for one or both of the animals, we know they would be coming soon. The cost of the animal would depend on how many users became fans:

2 Million fans: New animal for 12 Farm Cash
3 Million fans: New animal for 50,000 Coin
6 Million fans: New animal for 10,000 Coin
11 Million fans: New animal for 5,000 Coin and every fan gets one free!

Announcement on Official FarmVille Forums from Lexilicious:

The Cows were victorious in the Battle of the Barnyard! As promised, a new Cow is now available in the Market for users who are Fans of the FarmVille Cows Fan Page.

* The Fan Cow can be purchased for 12 Farm Cash from the Market.

* The more fans the Cows get, the cheaper the cow will become! If the Cows manage to get 3 million fans, the cow will be released for coins!

* Please note: It may take up to 24 hours after you become a fan for the cow to be unlocked in the market.

* If you wish to become a fan of the FarmVille cows to gain access to the new bovine, click here!

Source: Official FarmVille Forum

The Fan Cow Facebook Fan Page curently has 2,486,304 fans, are you happy with this outcome, 12FV$ and one to give to a neighbor?

This article originally appeared on FarmVille Freak.
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