Apartment Guru: Spare Rooms Into Spare Cash

apartment guru renter issue
apartment guru renter issue

Dear Apartment Guru,

I've been posting Craigslist ads for vacationers to stay with me for the past few months. I live in a city that is a popular vacation spot and am able to charge enough so that I don't have to replace my roommate who moved out seven months ago.

Recently I told a friend who lives in our building and she mentioned it to our landlord. Now he is really pissed and told me he wants me out.

It says in my lease that I can have anyone stay here for a week and no one has stayed longer than that. I always pay my rent on time and all of my "guests" have been happy staying with me and respectful of the neighbors.

So what's the big deal? Can I get in legal trouble for what I've done? And can he seriously kick me out?

-- The Bed and Breakfast Bandit