Tiki Resort goes full screen!


Tiki Resort has just released an update that allow players to play the game in full screen! This is a long overdue feature that most other Facebook games have had for quite some time. If your island looks anything like mine, it is large and chock full of items and can be very frustrating to interact with such a small viewpoint into the game. Unfortunately, this isn't a true full screen. It actually only enlarges what is already on the screen, and on a widescreen monitor will still keep bands on the right and left margins.

This new feature can be accessed by clicking the icon below the "hi" and "lo" buttons on the left side of the screen. On older computers, it may slow down your computer or even cause crashing or freezing, so use with caution! For most players, this is a welcome addition that gives the illusion of actually seeing more on your island than before.

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