Sorority Life launches new Vintage Boutique


Are you someone who gets angry or frustrated when you miss the neat limited time items in games? I know I am! Sorority Life are doing something about that with the launch of their new Vintage Boutique! This new boutique, available under the Limited Edition section of the Glam tab, currently has five past items available at a time for sale. There are more items though, and each day the available items will randomize. This is an interesting way to do this, because players will want to check in every day to see what awesome limited time clothing is available. Every month Sorority Life will be picking new past items to sell in the Vintage Boutique. Here is a sample of some of this month's available items:

Retro Mini Dress and Tights - 26 Brownie Points
Confetti Tank and Jean Shorts - 26 Brownie Points
Scion XP: 26 Brownie Points
Taylor Swift Hairstyle: 19 Brownie Points
Pink Summer Mini Dress - 26 Brownie Points

Some Sorority Life players are upset that these items are only available for Brownie Points, and are spamming the fan page in protest. Others have been wishing for this feature for a very long time and are thrilled that old items are finally coming back and are purchasable again.

What do you think? Are you upset that these items are for Brownie Points only, or excited to make some purchases?