Restaurant City hands out free wasabi to fans


It's Japanese theme time in Restaurant City, and in addition to all of the gorgeous decorations, ponds, gardens, and figurines, Playdom are giving away one free wasabi ingredient to their Facebook fans for the next 24 hours only. Wasabi is used in many of the Japanese recipes in Restaurant City, so it is in high demand at the moment.

For those of you who don't know what wasabi is, it is a sort of "Japanese Horseradish". It grows naturally in streams in Japan, and is a spicy condiment used with sushi and other Japanese dishes. Most people mix it with ginger and soy sauce to make a delicious sauce for sushi rolls. Mmm, tasty!

To get your limited time free wasabi, click here to visit the Restaurant City fan page, become a fan, and follow the link in Restaurant City's status update.

Did you get your free wasabi? Which entree will you use it in?