PetVille: What do you want to see next?


Zynga have been running lots of surveys lately in many of their games to poll the players about themes and upcoming features. Now they're asking PetVille players what feature they would like to see next.

The choices in this survey are:

  1. Interactive objects (click on a bathtub and your pet jumps in)

  2. Build your own furniture

  3. Mini-games to win prizes (such as the Easter egg hunt)

  4. Interactive fish tank

  5. Planting and growing flowers

  6. Other (allows you to suggest whatever you'd like)

There are some really interesting options here. While I've wished many times that my furniture and decor was more interactive, I can't help but think that buildable furniture would be a very neat and creative idea. Mini-games are fun as well, but it can be frustrating to have your entire Facebook wall filled with mini-game posts like the Easter eggs. Planting and growing flowers doesn't seem too inventive, since there are already plenty of farming games out there. Building your own furniture seems like the best opportunity to make your pet's home unique.

Click here to vote in the survey!

Which option will you be voting for, and why? Let us know in the comments!