PetVille releases next Cafe World collectible item -- the Cafe Counter

PetVille Cafe World Counter
PetVille Cafe World Counter

PetVille have just released the next special item in their Cafe World limited time collection: The Cafe World Counter. This counter comes with a small stool, an oversized hamburger and two sauce bottles on top.

This is a great addition to the previously released Cafe World items. Like the others, the Counter is only available for a short time (less than 2 days) and can only be received as a gift from friends. Basically, you'll have to beg your Facebook friends to get this one.

The last gift, which was a Cafe World Patroness, will be gone very soon. You'd better hurry if you want to turn your kitchen into a cafe. This is the fourth Cafe World item released in PetVille, and there will be a total of 10 items in this exclusive collection.

Are you collecting all of the Cafe World themed items in PetVille? What do you hope to see next?