PetVille Cafe World collection item #7 arrives - the Seating Sign

cafe world please wait to be seated
Another day, another Cafe World collection item rolls out in PetVille. This item -- which is number 7 out of 10 -- is a Cafe World Seating Sign, which will fit in nicely with the Patron, Chair, Counter, Table, Patroness and Cafe World Waitress Amelie.
petville cafe world seating sign
Like the rest of the items out there -- the only way to get this new seating sign is from friends generous enough to send 'em as a free gift. The sign will only be around for 48 hours, so better start begging your PetVille pals to send one ASAP.

Do you have all of the PetVille Cafe World items? If you missed one, drop a line in the comments below and maybe another player will have an extra to send your way.
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