My Town now allows you to relax by the beach


My Town has been practically overshadowed by the titan of city games, Social City, but it is holding strong with over 3 million monthly players. Today, they have released new water and beach tiles and some accompanying buildings. Players have been asking for the ability to place water for quite some time, because it can be tiring to place nothing but grass, flowers, and dirt. This new water feature allows you to place different tiles and layout your ocean, lake, and beach any way you like. There are also two new buildings, a Surf Shack, and a Guard Stand.

Here is the full list of available pieces:

Surf Shack
Guard Stand
Beach Front
Small Beach
Small Water
Beach End

These items are all labeled "new" and are easy to find!

Are you planning to add a beach to your My Town? Let us know in the comments!