How did we like them apples? We pick the best sugarless juice

picking the best sugarless apple juice
picking the best sugarless apple juice

Earth Day

arrives on Thursday. While you surely have plans to plant a tree, pick up trash at a park, print your term papers on two-sides (if you have to print them at all), or to bring your own glass to the weekend kegger, the timing also seems right to enjoy nature's goodness.

Apple juice is the perfect (non-alcoholic) beverage for college students: It's cheap, easy to find and tasty. But among all those brands, which one deserves your privileged pick?

Store Brand Scorecard decided to sample no-sugar-added apple juice to see if national brand Mott's or one of three different store brands (each from a big box, grocery and mini market, respectively) has the best taste and price. After all, with you being so good to the planet Thursday (and every day ... right?), Mama Earth would want you to get the best deal. All items were bought at Chicago-area stores, so keep in mind that these prices aren't at every store.