Happy Pets: How to Get a Free Exclusive Pandora Pet

Happy Pets Pandora
In an obvious shout-out to James Cameron's "Avatar" movie, Happy Pets have announced a new exclusive series of pets called "Pandora", where all the pets are blue with bright yellow eyes. Right now, the available pets in this set are Cat, Guinea Pig, and Jackalope. All of these will be female.

Instead of making this a Facebook Credits-only deal (though you can Insta-Adopt each one for 62 FB Credits), the game is giving these pets away for free! You can get 'em by following the instructions below:

Adopt a Pandora Jackalope
- Click on the "FREE PET" button on the right side of the screen
- Make sure you do this once a day (every 24 hours) for 14 days
- On your 14th log in, the message will change to "ADOPT" and you'll receive your pet instantly!


- If you log in for 7 MORE days after your 14th day (total 21), you'll receive your second FREE exclusive pet!
- If you log in for 7 MORE days after your 21st day (total 28 ), you'll receive your third FREE exclusive pet!

- If you miss a day, you'll have to start over! So make sure you check back every day! (You can always check your status by clicking on the FREE PET icon)
- You always have the option to "Insta-adopt", if you choose so, you will advance to the end step and will be able to progress to the next step
* If a player insta-adopts the 1st pet, they will receive it and also advance to the state of 14 days logged in and can either purchase the 2nd pet or log in 7 days to receive (etc)
* If a player insta-adopts all 3 pets, he/she will start over on the first pet and can repeat the process
- You can always check your status by clicking on the "Free Pet" icon
- Make sure you have space in your house to adopt the pet (it will default to a room with extra capacity just like receiving an Orphan)
* If you do not have space upon adoption, you will have 24 hours to make space, if you don't, the timer will start over at 1 Day and you will lose the pet
- All Pandora pets are FEMALE only
-Exclusive free pets are not available in the store
- The dividing line for your daily visit is Midnight PDT (Pacific Daylight Savings Time). This may mean that you can earn 2 days of visits in one day, by your time zone.
Happy Pets goes by California time.

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