Former Microsoft executive becomes Playdom's new CTO


Playdom have just nabbed themselves a brand new Chief Technology Officer -- David Sobeski, former Microsoft and Yahoo! executive. Before starting at Playdom, Sobeski held the position of Senior Vice President at Yahoo!. Prior to that, Sobeski was a General Manager at Microsoft, working on user experience on Windows Vista and mobility on Exchange server. While David doesn't have any gaming work experience on his resume, he claims to be a lifelong gamer who plays every console, PC, and Mac game that he can. This is good news, because he's going to be living and breathing games from here on out!

Playdom are in 6th place on the leaderboard of top Facebook application developers. They are best known for Social City (with 12.3 million monthly active players), Tiki Resort (5.4 million) and Sorority Life (3.9 million players) but have many other games on Facebook. Most recently, Playdom acquired two smaller startups Three Melons and Offbeat Creations. We're sure they have many exciting games in store for us!