Foreclosures Rise in Military, Army Wife Goes to Battle

While her husband serves his country, military spouse Nicole Rosen is fighting her own war to keep their home. The family moved to Washington State from Oklahoma in 2005 for Staff Sgt. John Rosen's military duty and purchased a home at a high interest rate. Soon after, Nicole quit her job after her now-4-year-old son was diagnosed with kidney disease. With the steep drop in income, the family fell behind on its mortgage payments. Now Rosen manages a tax office part-time, takes care of her two young sons, and fights to keep the family's Tacoma, Wash., house out of foreclosure.

In July 2009, after multiple requests for loan modifications, the family found out their home was slated to be sold at a trustee sale a mere 10 days before the scheduled auction. Frightened and outraged, the Army wife decided to fight.