FishVille: Two new Fanta-Sea environments


Earlier this week, FishVille released a new plentiful set of underwater fantasy items. This new Fanta-Sea set includes decor such as fairies, sea unicorns, and other mythical themed items. Now, FishVille has released two new background environments for your fish tank that will match the new Fanta-Sea items.

The first environment is named "Fantasy Forest," and looks like a twilight forest with trees and a grassy forest floor. It is available for 6 Sand Dollars. The second environment is called "Forest Floor" and has a tree trunk background with a dark grassy floor and costs 3 Sand Dollars. Both of these look awesome with the new decorations. The two new FishVille environs will be available for a limited time and can be purchased in the Environments tab of the FishVille store.

Which Fanta-Sea items have you bought so far?

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