FarmVille Nosey Neighbor Glitch!


Throughout the past several days now, many FarmVille Freaks including myself have been experiencing a new glitch.

The glitch occurs when visiting some of your FarmVille neighbors' farms. We have named it the "Nosey Neighbor Glitch" because of what it allows you to do. Normally, you would only have the ability to fertilize and feed their chickens or clear weeds and scare away pests. The Glitch allows you to snoop around your neighbors' farms, have the ability to harvest their crops, move items around, look inside their Buildings with Purpose such as Storage Barns, Horse Stables, etc. , save their Puppy from the Pound (if its run away) and even sell items!

The Good news is that none of the actions you do on your neighbor's farm will stick. Thankfully, an "Out of Sync" error occurs that returns everything to normal. Repeat, none of the actions will be permanent!!! The items you have moved around or even attempted to sell (if you are a mean neighbor) will remain on the farm.

Note: Not everyone has or will experience the Nosey Neighbor Glitch. Likewise, those who are experiencing the glitch do not experience it at every single neighbor's farm.

Watch the video above, provided by FarmVille Freak Fallgelb, of his experience with the Nosey Neighbor Glitch.

This article originally appeared on FarmVille Freak.

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