FarmVille Live event in Northern CA mall 'a bust'


Over the weekend, Zynga attempted the most bizarre marketing stunt since Kirstie Alley's cameo in Zoo World. To pimp FarmVille and a few other Zynga games, the social gaming giant set up a barn and a petting zoo in the middle of a Northern California mall. The event, dubbed 'FarmVille Live,' promised such titillating events as a vegetable quiz, a game that involves chasing real-life chickens (PETA would have a field day with that one), swag and an interview with fans.

This event attracted a crowd of bewildered onlookers and squealing children (see video). One fan in attendance -- who calls it 'a bust' -- says there were no big giveaways -- just a line of people waiting to be interviewed about the game. Another person who waited in line was rewarded with the gift that keeps on giving -- a Zynga sticky notepad.

We're all for creative attention-getting schemes, but not sure if handing out notepads and herding chickens on AstroTurf is the ticket. For the next live mall promotion, we'd be happy to help Zynga brainstorm some new ideas -- we're thinking something with flash mobs and chicken suits.

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