Farmville could be coming to smartphones, iPad and SMS


Update: A Zynga spokesperson has confirmed that "Zynga plans to expand to various mobile platforms, but unfortunately, we cannot provide additional information at this time."

Original Story:

The super-sleuths over at Superannuation have turned up some intriguing domain name registration data that points to some new versions of Zynga's mega-popular Farmville in the pipeline.

The registrations, placed last week for,,, and, all came from DNStination Inc., the same registrar that set up Zynga's official site.

While this isn't proof that Zynga is preparing versions of the game for these portable platforms, or even proof that it was actually Zynga that registered these domain names, it's a strong piece of data pointing in the direction of both of those things.

These new, portable versions of Farmville would of course be welcome additions for serious players, who currently have to settle for clones or hacked together flash apps to play on their mobile devices. We're just hoping any eventual Farmville SMS game performs a little bit better than Zynga's recent SMS solution for Mafia Wars.