Cafe World: How to build a Super Stove


Cafe World has just released a new Super Stove, and it's pretty exceptional! This new stove will remove all preparation stages, so that cooking food becomes as simple as just clicking on the stove, clicking the food you want to make, and that's it! It will completely remove all the tedium of cutting, slicing, and preparing your dish, however your food does need to still cook for the amount of specified time. We think this will be a very popular stove, so here is the best guide available on how to create a Super Stove!

  1. First, click your new Super Stove icon on your screen. This icon is next to the Spice icon and looks like a stove with a wrench.

  2. Next, you'll see a screen that displays all of the different parts required to complete the stove. You will need 12 Grill Rings, 12 Metal Plates, 14 Computer Chips, and 12 Control Knobs. Each of these can either be gifted from friends, or you can purchase them for 1 Cafe Cash each. If you're impatient, you can also purchase the entire Super Stove for Cafe Cash.

  3. When you request stove parts from friends, they will go directly into your stove collection screen.

  4. After you complete the stove, a splash screen will pop up that tells you that you've completed it. Your new stove with be in the Functional menu (click the Gears icon). This is different from most buildable objects, where the finished result ends up in your gift box.

Additional tips:

If you go into your Functional menu and the Super Stove is grayed out, this means that you already have the maximum number of stoves out. You will have to drag one of your stoves back into your inventory so that you can place your Super Stove.

You can build additional Super Stoves, but the frame to start building costs 100,000 coins. It still requires you to either have your friends help you collect pieces, or you have to purchase these items for Cafe Cash.

What do you think of the new Cafe World Super Stove? Do you think it's too difficult to build?