Another knee-slapping parody commercial takes aim at PetVille


"Do you like awesome games with monsters? Do you like cleaning houses? Well this game has the best of both worlds..." The game in question is Zynga's pet simulation game on Facebook -- PetVille -- and LA-based actor/comedian/viral marketer/social media consultant/all around spaz-ball Toby Turner takes aim with another cutting (and hilarious) social gaming parody on the world.

Video highlights include a nod to Chuck Norris' Action Jeans and the ShamWow worthy delivery of "PET-Ville!"

Turner also created parody commercials for FarmVille, Mafia Wars and Cafe World, which have previously made the rounds on the Web. Before you watch them, take note: the last minute of the Cafe World video is used to gratuitously pimp this dude's other projects, so feel free to stop watching around 1:26.