Augustana College rewards cool photos with cold hard cash

What could be more comfy than an old cotton T-shirt, especially when it makes you four figures?

Augustana College encouraged students to try the institution on for size by slipping into an Augustana tee--and a creative frame of mind--for the inaugural Good Fit scholarship competition. Like "Dancing Matt" with a twist, high schoolers simply snap a photo of themselves wearing an Augie tee in quirky scenes, then enlist friends and family to vote for their entry. The winners of the inaugural contest, decided via popular vote, snagged one of five $1,000 scholarships and a form of instant Internet celebrity any parent would be proud of.

Students who tour or interview at the Rock Island, Ill. campus receive a basic white Augustana shirt with a department-store style tag urging them to visit the Good Fit website. Prospective students then take a picture of themselves wearing an Augie tee in creative situations, which might range from jumping on a trampoline to embracing another university's mascot, in hopes of earning one of five $1,000, one-time scholarships and Internet immortality.