Zoo World celebrates 5 million fans with Woolly Rhino promo

RockYou! has just hit their 5 millionth fan on the official Zoo World fan page on Facebook, and in celebration they are offering a limited time special on a pair of Woolly Rhinos in the Wildlife Fund. These rhinos are blue in color, and cost $0.99 each.

While these rhinos are cute, it does seem like a slight slap in the face that to reward players for reaching their 5,000,000th fan they are putting an item up for sale instead of granting a free prize to everyone. Many players are upset about this, because there is almost always a "special" going on offering some kind of animal for $0.99. There is nothing particularly spectacular about this rhinos other than the fact that they come in a pair, which makes breeding easier. They are not attainable in any other way aside from spending real-world money.

Are you one of Zoo World's 5 million fans, and will you be buying the pair of Woolly Rhinos?

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