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Whether you're moving in (see our story on the latest packing trend), moving out (learn how to preserve your deposit), or moving up (see if you should you splurge on a housekeeper), there's a little something for everyone this week on RentedSpaces. Check out some of this week's most popular posts.

Forget Moving Boxes: Crates are the Green way to go
Gone are the days of trolling alleys and liquor store dumpsters for moving boxes. Several innovative companies are renting plastic crates to movers - a win for everyone, including the environment. Read more.

Apartment Guru: Good Person, Bad Credit
They say a 4 can't date a 10, but can a 500 date an 800? The Apartment Guru weighs in on one couple's struggle with a bad credit score. Will it hold them back from apartment bliss? Read more.
'Jersey Shore' Spinoff Hopes to Get Wicked in Boston
Groan. Casting is underway for a spinoff of MTV's vapid "Jersey Shore," this time featuring the young, drunk and horny of Boston. Will these "Massholes" rocket to fame like JS's Guidos did? God help us. Read more.

Spring Cleaning: Get a Dyson or a Maid?
High-end Dyson vacuums are famously expensive, but might just be a worthwhile investment when the choice comes down to a vacuum upgrade or a professional housekeeper. Read more.

Save Energy and Money: Reduce the Vampire
Don't let your idle electronics suck your wallet dry - it's easy to save money (and, let's face it, the environment) by making a few easy changes around your home. Read more.

Your Rental Deposit Returned in Three Steps
See our roundup of simple steps you can take to protect your security deposit. With a little advance planning, your thorough documentation will pay off on move-out day. Read more.

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