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HousingWatch readers had mortgage issues on the mind this week, with popular posts covering JP Morgan Chase's stance on help for borrowers, a plea for industry transparency, and an unsurprising report that many recent home sales have been "distressed." See what else was hot on HousingWatch this week.

1. JPMorgan Chase Is No Fan of Latest Obama Plan to Stem Foreclosures
The symbiosis between the Obama administration and JP Morgan Chase is coming under strain, as the lender voices its opposition to Obama's plan for helping underwater homeowners. Read more.

2. Mortgage Market Needs 'Radical Transparency'
HousingWatch blogger - and former mortgage broker - Jeff Corbett makes a case for the radical idea of truth-telling in the lending biz. It turns out that borrowers are, in fact, interested to know where their broker's paycheck comes from. Read more.

3. Perry Farrell's Rock-Star Home for Sale
Lollapalooza founder Perry Farrell has listed his unusual Venice Beach house (above) for $1.6 million. It seems the rocker's young family has outgrown the 2-bedroom bachelor pad Farrell has called home since the late '90s. Read more.

4. Chicago Is Most-Watched City in America
Big Brother is keeping a close eye on the Windy City, with an estimated 10,000 security cameras scattered around the metro area. See how high tech video analytics are keeping Chicagoans safer. Read more.

5. One-Third of Home Sales Distressed
The numbers confirm what we already knew: the housing market is (still) in turmoil. One-third of all home sales in January were "distressed" transactions. What does it mean for the outlook? Read more.

6. New York's St. Vincent's Hospital Pulls the Plug
New York's long-ailing St. Vincent's Hospital has finally declared itself a terminal case: they've just announced an upcoming closure. What sort of real estate fallout can its Greenwich Village neighbors expect? Read more.

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