Social City releases new gifts, buildings, storage and a performance fix


Social City released a long-awaited update with many great bug fixes and new items to purchase, and we have everything you need to know.

The most noticeable addition will be all the new gifts and items. 10 brand new gifts were released, including 8 different Sakura paths, a path crossing, and a Japan cottage. The gifts themselves are not particularly interesting, since 8 of them are all various pathway layouts. For someone building a Japanese empire, you may be excited about all of these pathway layouts. In other gift related news, a new gift counter has been placed on the gift box so that you already know how many you have waiting to be placed. For the eager collector with many decorations, buildings and placed items, Social City now has storage.This is a much needed feature in Social City, because gifts can add up and buildings take up a lot of space. Having the ability to store items for later use will be a big help, especially when doing city renovations.

Several new buildings and leisure items were added. This includes the following: