PetVille rolls out new Cafe World limited edition item: The Patroness

petville cafe world collection: patroness
petville cafe world collection: patroness

PetVille's Cafe World collection items keep on coming -- today's new item is a lovely Patroness in a yellow dress. (Hey, that rhymes!) This lovely lady will be available for two days only and the only way get one of your own is as a free gift from friends.

The Cafe World Chair -- the previous collectable item also in the image above -- will expire any minute now, so start talking to your PetVille pals if you haven't gotten your hands on one of these metallic beauties yet.

In case none of this makes sense, the Patroness and chair are both part of a new Cafe World collection in PetVille. There will be a total of 10 items, which will be available to send (and receive) as a free gift for 48 hours only. PetVille released a similar FarmVille-themed collection in February 2010.

How many PetVille Cafe World collection items do you have so far?

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