PetVille goes tropical with new jungle rainforest theme


PetVille has just launched an entire HUGE new set of themed items, this time with a Jungle Rainforest flair. The best part of this release? Aside from the animals, most of these items are available for coins instead of Pet Cash. There is also a highly detailed jungle scenery for 50,000 coins, which might take awhile but will give you all something to work toward. There are a variety of costumes, plants for decorating your backyard, adorable outfits and hair accessories, and some really cute and colorful animals.

Here is the full list of all of the rainforest items that have been released so far:


Sassy Safari Hat (Girls) - 4,000 coins
Jungle Explorer Outfit (Girls) - 3,300 coins
Outback Hat - 1,000 coins
Jungle Explorer Outfit (Mens) - 3,200 coins
Forest Shaman Mask - 25 Pet Cash
Forest Shaman Wear - 15 Pet Cash
Jungle Jamie Outfit, Pink - 4,000 coins
Chippy Squirrel Master - 15,000 coins
Chippy Squirrel Master Mask - 18,000 coins
Jungle Jamie Outfit, Leopard - 3,800 coins
Jungle Jamie Outfit, Crimson - 3,700 coins
Blossom Bow, Peach - 15 Pet Cash
Star Orchid Bow, Crimson - 19 Pet Cash
Floral Mini Bunch Bow, Pink - 19 Pet Cash
Floral Mini Bunch Bow, Blue - 15 Pet Cash
Floral Mini Bunch Bow, Purple - 16 Pet Cash
Blossom Bow, Blue - 17 Pet Cash
Blossom Bow, Crimson - 18 Pet Cash
Bubble Burst Floral Bow - 18 Pet Cash
Star Orchid Bow, Peach - 19 Pet Cash
Jungle Joe Loincloth, Leopard - 3,000 coins
Jungle Joe Loincloth, Hide - 2,700 coins
Jungle Joe Loincloth, Blue Leopard - 2,500 coins