Garden Life launches new construction items


Garden Life is a Facebook game that doesn't make a lot of noise, but has over 800,000 monthly active players. It's a fairly nice looking game with a clean aesthetic where everyone tends to a garden and can design it to look however they please.

In the past, there were only a couple of options for fences and trimming. While these might not seem exciting at first glance, having more pieces to build with allows players to show off their building skills and unique creativity. Here is the full list of fences and trimming:

Lattice Fence - 200 coins, level 3
Red Concrete Scallop Edging - 250 coins, level 3
Lattice Fence (Pine) - 225 coins, level 5
Brickface Edging - 200 coins, level 7
Wrought Iron Edging - 400 coins, level 7
Lattice Fence (Redwood) - 250 coins, level 7
Staggered Round Log Edging - 1 Garden Cash, Level 13
Cedar Planter Bed Edging - 450 coins, level 15
Gray Castle Wall Block Corner - 450 coins, level 17
Gray Castle Wall Block Edging - 475 coins, level 17

There is also a handful of new flooring options:

Off-Tan Paver Pile - 350 coins, level 9
Red Running Bond Brick Tile - 400 coins, level 9
Dark Tan Cobble-lock Tile - 450 coins, level 11
Flagstone Mosaic Tile - 1 Garden Cash, level 11
Tan Ashlar Paver Tile - 500 coins, level 15
Venetian Diamond Tile - 525 coins, level 17