Find an odd job online

get an odd job to make ends meet
get an odd job to make ends meet

Unfortunately for the underemployed, working odd jobs can be a way of earning a living, or at least part of a


I haven't had to resort to eating rice or sending postcards to make a few extra bucks, but as a freelance writer and editor I've worked on plenty of stories to help pay the bills. And for anyone looking for truly odd jobs to keep life interesting while still bringing in some cash, there are plenty of places on the Internet to find such work.

And I'm not talking about the sort of "odd jobs" that fugitives get at low-budget motels because they can't find other work while on the lam. These are legitimate jobs that you may need a resume for, or at least some experience and interest.

Everyone knows about Craigslist, so finding odd jobs in your geographic area is easy. But for a national directory of odd jobs, many of which can be done online, I'd recommend the first stop being OddJobNation. Its recent job postings include a long hair volunteer willing to get a trim, $20 to write a boyfriend a poem, beer pong organizer, and an exercise cheerleader. OddJobNation's blog rounds up the oddest jobs each week.

Even if the unemployment checks are still coming in and you don't really need the immediate money from an odd job, the irregular work can be a good way to network and get yourself out in the marketplace.

"An object in motion stays in motion," said Jeremy Redleaf, CEO of OddJobNation, where jobs pay from $5 for a quick task to $1,000 for having a haircut on a music video shoot.