FarmVille Secret Sheep unveiled?

farmville secret sheep unveiled

In the battle between FarmVille Cows and Sheep -- cows won, which means farmers will have access to a Secret Cow, which might be these orange and tan cuties. However, an anonymous tipster shows us what the Secret Sheep might look like (this is not confirmed by Zynga), when -- and if -- it's unveiled to the public. The Secret Sheep -- which could be this fluffy white guy with an 'F' and 'V' headband -- will see the light of day if the FarmVille Sheep fan page on Facebook reaches 2 million fans.

farmville fan sheep outed

From the official FarmVille Sheep Fan page:

The Illustrious Flock has been defeated by the Cows, but the Future is still bright! We may be able to offer the latest member of the Flock if we reach 2 Million Fans, so make sure to ask your friends for their support! With your help, we could still have our magnificence revealed!

Right now the fan page has roughly 1.7 million followers - so if you're on Team Sheep, it's not too late to show your loyalty.

Which side are you on -- Team Cow or Team Sheep?
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